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  • This project seeks to make two interventions.
  • “A Map of This Place: Resurgence and Remembering Removal in Armenian, Palestinian, and American Indian/First Nations Literatures.
  • My project is a study of post-Holocaust Polish-Jewish literature a form of witnessing, and in parti
  • Ethan Madarieta received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature with a graduate minor in Latina/Latino Studies and certificate in Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies.
  • How does Jewish American Literature compare with/influence/be influenced by other U.S. Minority Literatures?
  • This scholarship is open to all graduate students in Jewish Studies and Holocaust, Genocide, Memory Studies who plan to conduct research abroad or study language abroad.
  • The Program in Jewish Culture & Society is extremely pleased to announce that Griffin Jenkins
  • Course introduces a variety of Jewish literary responses to the Holocaust written during and after the Second World War (from 1939).
  • The Program in Jewish Culture & Society is extremely pleased to announce that Joshua Kravitz has been awarded the Spring 2020 Ronald H. Filler Jewish Studies scholarship.
  • Examination of Israeli cinema from its documentary beginnings to its internationally award winning feature films.
  • Lizy was awarded funds to support her participation in the Association for Jewish Studies conference that will take place in San Diego, December 15-17. 
  • Johnna Jones (Jewish Studies minor) wins Ronald Filler Scholarship
  • Yoav Margalit looks to both philosophy and Jewish studies as a way to understand things.
  • Examines the social, political, economic, and intellectual history of the Jews from Abraham to the present-day, with particular attention to Jewish thought and society.
  • The Karasik Scholarship will allow me to attend the Uriel Weinrich Yiddish Summer Program in New York City from June 24th<
  • Karen Grumberg, Assistant Professor of Hebrew Literature at the University of Texas at Austin, is one of Castel-Bloom’s foremost interpreters, having just written the afterword to
  • Receiving the Karasik award will help me immeasurably in my scholarly and professional development in the fields of Jewish Studies and Memory Studies. I will be proud to represent the U
  • A Karasik Scholarship for Study Abroad from the Program in Jewish Culture and Society will allow me to further my research on my article, tentatively titled “The Problem of Being a Poli
  • 2019/20 May 7 - Unorthodox Virtual Panel 
  • Creative Resistance and Performances of Memory: Latin America in the Era of Neoliberalism
  • Ethan will be attending the ACLA Conference Annual Meeting, March 29 - April 1, 2018.  The conference will be held at UCLA, in downtown Los Angeles. From Ethan: