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Read article: Antisemitism on the American Campus
Antisemitism on the American Campus
  May 1, 2024 9 AM-6:45 PM Levis faculty center 300 register here with NetId or livestream here   Sponsored by the Israel Studies Project, the Program in...
Read article: Sefardita: A Journey from Anthropology to Fiction
Sefardita: A Journey from Anthropology to Fiction
THURSDAY, APRIL 25TH, 2024 Ruth Behar 4:00pm Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum 600 South Gregory, Urbana View on Map   EVENT DESCRIPTION In this presentation, Ruth Behar will discuss her recent turn from anthropology to writing coming-of-age...
Read article: Minority Groups and the Israeli Peculiarity
Minority Groups and the Israeli Peculiarity
April 15, 2024 12PM-1:15PM CST Online event. Register here.   The State of...
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Andrew Demshuk

Alumni spotlight: Andrew Demshuk

Andrew Demshuk's research focuses on post-1945 German and Polish history. His first monograph, "The Lost German East: Forced Migration and the Politics of Memory, 1945-1970" (Cambridge University Press, 2012) examines how, amid the charged political context of the early Cold War, millions of West Germans expelled from the province of Silesia after World War II came to recognize that physical return was not possible. A fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2014-2015) supported work on two further book projects. His second book, "Demolition on Karl Marx Square...

JS 495 course flyer

Jewish Life in Central Illinois

Treasure Found! Those of you who love going through your grandparents’ old drawers or boxes up in the attic--join me on this adventure! In this hands-on history class, we will become detectives and storytellers as we sift through, catalogue, and sort documents and photos that have never been worked on before.

JS 495 Spring 2024

CLCV 220 flyer

Wars and Conflicts in the Middle East from Antiquity Till Today

Because of its geostrategic importance, the Middle East has been, since immemorial times, the focus of conflicts and wars, some of which have had a global impact. It is generally assumed that the Middle East serves as an arena of competition between its countries, its peoples, and the world's great powers.

CLCV 220 Spring 2024

CWL 581 flyer

Spectacles of Terror & Theories of Violence

From The Battle of Algiers (1966) to Omar (2014) and Bethlehem (2014) this graduate seminar takes a comparative approach to examining cinematic depictions of terrorism. Addressing Ruby Rich’s call to approach the study of terrorism and film.

CWL 581

ruins of an ancient city from JS 231 course flyer

Development of Ancient Cities

Explore the monuments, archaeological remains, and histories illustrating the development of the earliest states and urban centers of the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East, including Uruk, Jerusalem, Carthage, Athens, and Rome.

JS 231

JS 495 flyer

Jewish Life in Small Central Illinois Communities

Treasure Found!! Those of you who have always loved going through your grandparents' old drawers, or the boxes up in the attic - join me in this adventure! We will be going through the archive of the Jewish communities of the central mid-west.

JS 495

YDSH320 Flyer

Lit Responses to the Holocaust

In this film course we will be watching and discussing Holocaust Cinema. We will consider different genres, including documentaries, testimony, comedy, drama, musicals and action-adventure films. We consider films from different locations, including the UK, the US, Israel, Poland, Hungary and Italy.

YDSH 320

HEBR 404 flyer

Intermediate Modern Hebrew II

Continuation of HEBR 403. Concentration on ability to engage in reasonable fluent discourse in Hebrew, comprehensive knowledge of formal grammar, and an ability to read easy Hebrew texts. Israeli television programs and movies are used to develop communicative skills and cultural knowledge.

HEBR 404

hebrew keyboard

Elementary Modern Hebrew II

Continuation of HEBR 201, with introduction of more advanced grammar, and with emphasis on more fluency in speaking and reading. 5 credit hours. Prerequisite: HEBR 201 or equivalent.

HEBR 202