Any student enrolled in a college major (other than a major in the Program for the Study of Religion) can receive an interdisciplinary minor in Jewish Culture and Society.

To declare a minor, the student needs to fill out a minor declaration form, which a representative of the Program in Jewish Culture and Society can approve. Click here for instructions and forms to declare a minor. Professor Eugene Avrutin is the Program's undergraduate advisor.

For further information on the minor:

Call 217-333-7978


OR walk in 109 English during the office hours of 8:30-12:00/1:00-5:00

Minor form here.


Eighteen (18) hours in courses pertaining to Jewish Culture and Society. These courses should include:

  • One course in the cluster of Religion (3 hours)
  • One course in the cluster of Culture,  (3 hours)
  • One course in the cluster of History,  (3 hours)
  • Electives within the minor. Students may choose additional courses from any of the three clusters or can choose from a series of courses in the Language cluster (9 hours).

Of the 18 required hours, two courses (6 hours) must be 300- or 400-level courses.

No more than 6 hours (two courses) may be at the 100-level.

Any course with an emphasis on Jewish culture and society can be applied to the minor with approval from the Program in Jewish Culture and Society.

Independent study courses can also be used for the completion of the minor.