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Joshua Kravitz

Joshua Kravitz received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a undergraduate minor in Jewish Culture and Society here at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He has always been interested in Jewish studies, especially after completing a semester abroad in 2019 at Tel Aviv University. Joshua has been a great leader and has vocalized his support to Israel by being a part of Chabad and being the Philanthropy chair at Zeta Beta Tau fraternity here on campus. After graduating in the Spring of 2020, Joshua began preparing for his dream to attend law school in the Chicago land area. Following months of studying for the LSAT and applying to multiple law schools, Joshua has committed to Chicago-Kent College of Law. He plans on earning his Juris Doctor at Chicago-Kent while exploring certificate programs in Business Law and Financial Market Compliance. Joshua plans on continuing learning more about Israel and the Jewish Community while earning his J.D. and being a part of the Jewish Community in the Chicago land area. 

I want to thank the incredible Jewish Studies department at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, especially the amazing Director, Dara Goldman. The Jewish Studies department has always guided me as a student, professional, and individual. After taking 4 years of Hebrew at Illinois and participating in an independent study under Dara Goldman, I can confidently say the Jewish Studies Department has shaped the person I am today. It was truly an honor to be the recipient of the Ronald Filler Scholarship and to represent the Jewish Studies department was truly remarkable. As I begin my next chapter in life and academic career, I plan to be a lively participant in the amazing Jewish Studies department at UIUC.