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Gendell Family and Shiner Family Fund

Awarded annually to an outstanding graduate student completing a dissertation in the field of Jewish Studies and/or Holocaust Genocide and Memory Studies. Made possible by the generosity of the Gendell and Shiner families, the full fellowship also comes with a tuition waiver. Preference will be given to students who have not received funding from the Gendell-Shiner or other sources that have supported one or more semesters of dissertation level research (i.e. tuition waiver and 50%+ fellowship, or equivalent). 

Students apply for the fellowship by sending a current CV as well as a 2000-word statement describing their dissertation project (including a timeline of past and future work on the project) to the Program Office. In addition, one letter of recommendation is required. The deadline for the 2022/2023 award is March 1, 2023.


Gendell Family and Shiner Family