Lizy Mostowski

Lizy Mostowski Photo

A Karasik Scholarship for Study Abroad from the Program in Jewish Culture and Society will allow me to further my research on my article, tentatively titled “The Problem of Being a Polish-Jew: The Post-Holocaust Poland of Julian Tuwim & Avram Sutzkever”. Attending the Centrum Kultury Jidisz’s 16th International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture in Warsaw from July 2nd to July 20th will allow me to develop my article in two ways: (1) in continuing my Yiddish language learning, I will prepare myself to translate Avram Sutzkever’s “Tsu Poylin” from Yiddish into English, and (2), in studying Yiddish in Warsaw, I will be able to further learn of Sutzkever’s role in Warsaw’s Yiddish literary circles by conducting research in two esteemed institutions for research on Polish Jewry located in Warsaw—the Jewish Historical Institute and the POLIN Museum of theHistory of the Polish Jews.