Spring 2023 Courses

The following courses are pre-approved for the Jewish Studies major and minor. (400- and 500-level courses listed here may be used towards the completion of the Jewish Studies graduate certificate.)

Additional Courses

The following courses may also be submitted for approval. (A syllabus must be submitted to process the request):

AFRO 597 Critical Border Studies

AFRO 597 Race, Rights and Power

AIS 501 Indigenous Critical Theory

ARTH 540 Seminar in Art 1750 to 1900

ANTH 268 Images of the Other

ARAB 150 Lang&Culture of Arab World

CLVC 133 Archaeology of Israel

CLCV 231 Development of Ancient Cities

CMN 232 Intro to Intercultural Comm

CWL 202 Literature and Ideas

CWL 581 Seminar Lit Themes

GER 201 German Popular Culture

GER 261 The Holocaust in Context

GLBL 392 Int Diplomacy and Negotiation

MUS 523 Seminar in Musicology

PS 201 US Racial & Ethnic Politics

REL 110 World Religions

REL 214 Introduction to Islam

REL 223 The Qur'an (Koran)

REL 403 Women in Muslim Societies

REL 511 Seminar in Study of Religion

SOC 225 Race and Ethnicity

SOCW 300 Diversity: Identities & Issues