Yosef Gorny is Professor of History and Head of the Zionist Research Institute at Tel Aviv University.  One of the foremost historians of the Zionist movement, his research interests include the Jewish Labour Movement in Palestine, 1905-1948, the Zionist leadership (particularly Weizmann, Ben-Gurion, and Jabotinsky), the Jewish-Arab Conflict 1908-1948, Zionism in Poland between the World Wars, the relations between American Jewry and the State of Israel, and the Holocaust and the State of Israel as components of Jewish collective identity.  

Professor Gorny is the author of numerous books in both Hebrew and English. Some include Achdut Ha’Avoda 1919-1930: The Ideological Principles and the Political System (Hebrew, 1973), Partnership and Conflict: Chaim Weizmann and the Jewish Labour Movement in Palestine (Hebrew, 1976), Zionism and the Arabs 1882-1948: A Study of Ideology (English, 1987), The State of Israel in Jewish Public Thought: The Quest for Collective Identity (English, 1994), and Between Auschwitz and Jerusalem: The Holocaust and the State of Israel as Components of the Jewish Collective Identity (English, in press).  His essay “Thoughts on Zionism as a Utopian Ideology” was published in Modern Judaism in 1998.

Professor Gorny visited UIUC's campus in the Fall of 2007 through the Israel Studies Project.



7:30 pm: “Origin of the Conflict,” part 1, Levis Faculty Center, Reading Room.


7:30 pm:  “Israel as the Enterprise of the Jewish people in the last hundred years", Sinai Temple, Davis Chapel


4-6 pm:  Jewish Studies Workshop: “Utopianism in Zionism”, English Building, room 109


7:30 pm: “Origins” lecture part 2, Levis Faculty Center, Reading Room


12 pm: “The Centrality of the State of Israel and the Holocaust", Hillel