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  • This project seeks to make two interventions.
  • “A Map of This Place: Resurgence and Remembering Removal in Armenian, Palestinian, and American Indian/First Nations Literatures.
  • My project is a study of post-Holocaust Polish-Jewish literature a form of witnessing, and in parti
  • The title of Naomi's research project is: Distant Proximities: Whiteness and Worldedness in Contemporary Jewish Literature Naomi writes:
  • The title of Diana's research project is: Strategies of Silence: Representations of Jewish Poles in Polish Literature since the 1980s Diana writes: 
  • Hapsatou Wane is an Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University-Armstrong Campus in the
  • Hans Haacke, Germany, and the Public Sphere
  • "The Crisis of All Nations": Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism, and the Emergence of Anglo-Jewish Zionism (1789-1917)
  • Jewish Cosmopolitanism and Acculturation in the British Imagination, 1655-1753
  • Working-Class Media and the Struggle for ‘Hegemonic Jewishness,’ 1919-1938
  • Intimate Strangers: Intermarriage among Jews, Catholics, and Protestants in Germany, 1875-1935
  • Decolonizing Autobiographies: Experience in African Diaspora Women’s Autobiographies
  • Excerpt from Jenelle's proposal.
  • Exiled Nostalgia:  Remembrances of Iraq in the Improvised Songs of Iraqi-Jewish Women 
  • Emergency Aesthetics: Contemporary Commemorative Practices and the Politics of Memory  (snippet of Jenelle's proposal)
  • Except from Alex's proposal:
  • My research focuses on ways out of traumatic silence across generations in contemporary French and Francophone Algerian fiction.
  • States of Reform: Orthodoxy, Change and Jewish Religious Activism in Israel
  • Migrating Memories: Power and Transcultural Memory in Contemporary South Asian Fiction
  • Wayward Women: Deviant Female Sexuality in Russian and Yiddish Literatures, 1870-1930
  • Creative Resistance and Performances of Memory: Latin America in the Era of Neoliberalism
  • Awarded annually to an outstanding graduate student completing a dissertation in the field of Jewish Studies and/or Holocaust Genocide and Memory Studies.