The Religion of Jesus as a Jew

Geza Vermes born in June of 1924, began his studies at the University of Budapest and earned advanced degrees at Louvain University. He took the position of lecturer and later senior lecturer in Divinity at Newcastle University from 1957- 65. In 1965, Dr. Vermes became a Reader in Jewish Studies at Oxford University, a position he held until 1989. While at Oxford, he also served as Chairman of Curators of the Oriental Institute from 1971-74, Chairman of the Board of Faculty of Oriental Studies from 1978-80, and Governor fo the Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies. At the time of this lecture, he was a Professor Emeritus of Jewish Studies and Director of the Forum for Qumran Research at Oxford University. Dr. Vermes has been a visiting professor at many colleges throughout his career including, Brown University, University of Notre Dame, Dundee University, Newcastle University, Tulane University. and the Toronto School of Theology. 

Dr. Vermes' publications include Discovery in the Judean Desert (1956), The Dead Sea Scrolls in English ( 1962, revised in 1987), Jesus the Jew (1973), The Gospel of Jesus the Jew (1981), Jesus and the World of Judaism (1983) and The History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ, Yol 1-II1 (1973-1987). His lecture will be derived from his latest work, The Religion of Jesus the Jew (1993). He also has held positions as Editor of Journal of Jewish Studies, President of the British Association for Jewish· Studies ( 1975, 1988), and President of the European Association for Jewish Studies (1981-1984). 

1993-94 Einhorn lecturer

Location: 180 Bevier Hall

Date: 11/28/1993, 8 pm