Orly Castel-Bloom

OrlyOrly Castel-Bloom is an Award-Winning Israeli Author. She has received the Tel Aviv Foundation Award (1990), the Alterman Prize for Innovation (1993), the Prime Minister’s Prize three times (1994, 2001, 2011) , the Newman Prize (2003), the French WIZO Prize for Human Parts (2005) and the Leah Goldberg Prize (2007). Orly Castel-Bloom visited UIUC's campus for two weeks in the Spring of 2008. 





7:30 pm - “Writing Fiction in a Time of Terror”, Levis Faculty Center, Reading Room


3 pm - Jewish Studies Workshop, 209 Davenport Hall  (She discussed several short works of fiction )


7:30 pm - “The Community and the Writer, or Why I Intend to Move from My Neighborhood after I Finish Writing My New Novel” , Sinai Temple


4 pm - Author's Corner, Illini Union Bookstore