Irit Linur

Irit Linur is one of Israel’s leading writers. A pioneer of feminist fiction, she is the author of four novels. They include The Siren Song, a romantic comedy set against the attacks on Tel Aviv during the first Gulf War and Two Snow Whites about a photographer who finds herself involved in a murder case. Siren Song was made into a movie by director Eytan Fox (with Linur writing the screenplay), while another novel, The Brown Girls was turned into a TV mini-series. Linur – who is also the author of a book of humorous essays, The Secret Blonde– is also the regular co-host of the popular radio show "The Final Word" and a frequent and often controversial commentator in the Israeli public sphere. Irit visited UIUC's campus for two weeks in the fall of 2009.



4:00 pm – Jewish Studies Workshop - Discussion of chapter from The Siren’s Song, English Building, Room 109


1:30 pm – Lecture in Chicago, “Making TV Drama in Israel” 


7:30 pm – Lecture - “Making TV Drama in Israel”, Levis Faculty Center