Is 'Fraternity' Possible: Muslim-Jewish Relations in Contemporary France-History & Reflections

Maud MandelMaud S. Mandel, a professor of history and Judaic studies, currently serves as Brown's Dean of the College. Author of In the Aftermath of Genocide: Armenians and Jews in Twentieth-Century France (Duke University Press, 2003) and Muslims and Jews in France: History of a Conflict (Princeton University Press, 2014), Professor Mandel’s research focuses primarily on the impact of policies and practices of inclusion and exclusion on ethnic and religious minorities in 20-century France, most notably Jews, Armenians, and Muslim North Africans. This interest in diversity and difference has informed Professor Mandel’s course offerings at Brown as well as her administrative activities.

Location: Lucy Ellis Lounge, FLB

Date: 3/27/17, 5 pm

Workshop - Street Riots & Jewish Politics: Anti-Jewish Violence in Tunisia Before Decolonization

Location: English Building, Room 109

Date: 3/27/17