From Eichmann to Bin Laden: Concepts of Evil from the Holocaust to the Global War on Terror

Claudia Koonz, Peabody Family Professor Emerita of History at Duke University is a pioneering scholar of the Third Reich and the Holocaust. Her path-breaking and multi-award winning book Mothers in the Fatherland: Women, the Family, and Nazi Politics (1986) chronicled the role of women in the Nazi machinery, inaugurating an entire branch of research on the gender dynamics of German fascism. More recently, she has explored the seemingly oxymoronic notion of Nazi conscience, publishing a widely hailed book on the topic in 2003. Since then, she has continued to pursue the question of how perpetrators construe-violent actions in ethical terms. Her Einhorn Lecture will draw on these issues, spanning an arc from the Holocaust into our own era.

Location: Levis Faculty Center

Date: 3/31/14

Video of lecture here.