Undergraduate Students

Jewish Studies Majors and Minors

Minors: Talia Geifman, Avital Gordon, Candace Grossman, Yoav Margalit, Allison Schwartz, and Hannah Spenadel

Aria photoAria Tsoulouhas, Jewish Studies major, Filler Award winner - "My primary interests in the field of Jewish Studies are Jewish theology, medieval Jewish thought, Kabbalistic thought (particularly Lurianic), Chasidic thought, and Judaism in the Graeco-Roman period. I feel that, thus far, my time as a Jewish Studies major at the U of I has pushed me towards a comprehensive and well-rounded understanding of Judaism and of the Jewish people. I am forever amazed by the boundless depth of the Jewish tradition, and I could not envision myself studying anything else."

Josh AltshulerJosh Altschuler, winner of the Ronald H. Filler Award (2016)





Payton Heyen

Payton Heyen, Jewish Studies minor, Filler Award winner (2017) - "As a history major, I found myself drawn to early-mid twentieth century Europe. A large focus in this time period is World War II and I felt that to better understand and convey the impact of the Holocaust I needed to immerse myself further into Jewish culture and society."



Meirav Malter

Meirav Malter, Jewish Studies major - “I joined the Jewish Studies major to take advantage of the advanced Hebrew language classes they offer and to learn about the intricate history of the Jewish people."

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Elana ZeldenElana Zelden, Jewish Studies minor