Peter Fritzsche

 Peter Fritzsche

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309 Gregory
810 S Wright
M/C 466
Urbana, IL 61801
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Selected Publications


The Turbulent World of Franz Göll: An Ordinary Berliner Writes the Twentieth Century Harvard 2011.
Life and Death in the Third Reich Belknap Harvard 2008.
Friedrich Nietzsche and the Death of God Bedford St. Martins 2007.
Stranded in the Present: Modern Time and the Melancholy of History Harvard University Press 2004.
Germans into Nazis Harvard 1998.
Reading Berlin 1900 Harvard 1996.
A Nation of Fliers: German Aviation and the Popular Imagination Harvard 1992.
Rehearsals for Fascism: Populism and Political Mobilization in Weimar Germany Oxford University Press 1990.
Imagining the Twentieth Century edited by Peter Fritzsche, edited by Charles Stewart. Edited by Peter Fritzsche, Edited by Charles Stewart, Illinois 1997.
The Work of Memory: New Directions in the Study of German Society and Culture edited by Peter Fritzsche, edited by Alon Confino. Edited by Peter Fritzsche, Edited by Alon Confino, Illinois 2002.