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Peter A Fritzsche

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Contact Information

309 Gregory
810 S Wright
M/C 466
Urbana, IL 61801

Additional Campus Affiliations

W. D. and Sara E. Trowbridge Professor, History
Professor, History
Professor, Program in Jewish Culture and Society
Professor, Germanic Languages and Literatures
Professor, European Union Center
Professor, Russian, East European and Eurasian Center

Recent Publications

Fritzsche, P. (2023). Call and response: The creation of the national socialist public. In Audiences of Nazism: Using Media in the Third Reich (pp. 121-135). Berghahn Books.

Fritzsche, P. (2023). Review: J. Hung's Moderate Modernity: The Newspaper Tempo and the Transformation of Weimar Democracy. German History, Article ghad041. Advance online publication.

Fritzsche, P. A. (2020). Hitler's First Hundred Days: When Germans Embraced the Third Reich. Basic Books.

Fritzsche, P. (2018). Social mechanics and ideological motivation: Martin Broszat on National Socialism and Hitler. In Hitler - New Research (pp. 231-241). De Gruyter.

Fritzsche, P. A. (2018). Social Mechanics and Ideological Motivation: Martin Broszat on National Socialism and Hitler. In E. Harvey, & J. Hürter (Eds.), Hitler – New Research (pp. 231-241). (German Yearbook of Contemporary History; Vol. 3). De Gruyter Oldenbourg.

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