Edward M Bruner

Emeritus Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations


  • University of Chicago

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Bruner, Edward M Through the Looking Glass: Reflections on an Anthropological Life Anthropology and Humanism 30 2 2005, p. 201-207.
The Two Reviews: Science and Humanism in Tourism Studies Annals of Tourism Research 37 3 2010.
Remembering My Jewish Father Anthropologica 52 2010.
The Elusive ‘Truth’ in Ethnographic Inquiry Cambridge Anthropology 29 3 2010.


Bruner, Edward M Culture on Tour: Ethnographies of Travel Chicago University of Chicago Press 2005.
Bruner, Edward M International Tourism: Identity and Change London Sage 1995.
Bruner, Edward M The Anthropology of Experience Urbana University of Illinois Press 1986.
Text, Play and Story; The Construction and Reconstruction of Self and Society Washington D. C. American Anthropological Association 1984.

Book Contributions

Foreword: Circulating Culture Envisioning Eden: Mobilizing Imaginaries in Tourism and Beyond Foreword: Circulating Culture Oxford Bergahn Books 2010.
The Tour as Imagined, Lived, Experienced, and Told Great Expectations: Imagination, Anticipation, and Enchantment in Tourism The Tour as Imagined, Lived, Experienced, and Told Oxford Bergahn Books 2011.
Around the World in Sixty Years Should I Stay or Should I Go? New Fieldsites, New Visions Around the World in Sixty Years Chicago University of Chicago 2011.