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Dara Goldman z"l

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Contact Information

109 English Building

Office Hours

Tues, 2-3, 109 English or by appointment
Director, Associate Professor


Dara E. Goldman is an Associate Professor of Spanish, specializing in contemporary Caribbean and Latin American literatures and cultures, gender and sexualities studies and cultural studies. She is the author of Out of Bounds: Islands and the Demarcation of Identity in the Hispanic Caribbean (Bucknell Univ. Press, 2008) and is currently completing a project on how recent Cuban cultural production challenges dominant depictions of the island as a land frozen in time, available for touristic consumption, or as a model of anti-imperial resilience. The book analyzes literature, film, and music that challenges such depictions, unearthing the conditions they mask. She has also published articles on how Caribbean identities are represented in contemporary literature and film, on gender in Caribbean music, and on Jewish cultural production. Professor Goldman has served as Director of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies/Lemann Institute for Brazilian Studies, chaired the Global Diaspora and Migration Initiative, and currently directs the Program in Jewish Culture & Society. She also holds appointments as Affiliate Faculty in several camps units, including the Comparative and World Literatures, Center for Global Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, Latina/Latino Studies and the Unit for Criticism and Interpretative Theory.

Research Interests

Hispanic Caribbean (Cuba, Domincan Republic, Puerto Rico)
Latin America
U.S. Caribbean/Latino

Research Description

My work examines the persistent role of the national in a transnational and globalized world. As a result, I examine forms of literary and cultural expression that engage both the local and the translocal. My current scholarship focuses on topics such as Latin American detective fiction, music and mobility, gender in reggaetón, Jewish cultural production in Cuba, and the evolving role of "diaspora" and diasporic studies in contemporary cultural studies.


M.A., Columbia University
B.A., Columbia University
Ph.D., Emory University

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Associate Professor, Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory
Associate Professor, Latina/Latino Studies
Associate Professor, Program in Jewish Culture and Society
Associate Professor, Gender and Women's Studies
Director, Program in Jewish Culture and Society
Associate Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives

Highlighted Publications

Goldman, D. E. (2008). Out of Bounds: Islands and the Demarcation of Identity in the Hispanic Caribbean. Bucknell University Press.

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Recent Publications

Goldman, D. E. (2021). Que sea una bendición su memoria: muertos judíos y su legado histórico en las novelas épicas de Leonardo Padura. In S. Silverstein, & R. Acosta de Arriba (Eds.), La escritura de Leonardo Padura (pp. 305-321). (Las Insulas Prometidas). Instituto Cervantes.

Goldman, D. E., & Kaplan, B. A. (2021). Twenty-First-Century Jewish Writing and the World. American Literary History, 33(4), 703-708.

Goldman, D. E. (2019). Something a bit queer: Hunches, hauntings, and hangovers in leonardo padura’s la neblina del ayer. Revista Hispanica Moderna, 72(1), 61-77.

Goldman, D. E. (2018). Faith and Fidelity: Examining the Relative Presence/Absence of Fidel as a Cultural Reference. Paper presented at Modern Language Association .

Goldman, D. E. (2017). Beyond the Facade: Exceptionalism Incongruity, and Recent Cuban Literary Expression. Paper presented at Latin American Studies Association Conference, Lima, Peru.

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