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Anna Hunt

Assistant Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Germanic Languages and Literatures
Assistant Professor, European Union Center
Affiliate, Program in Jewish Culture and Society

Recent Publications

Kolmar, G., Henke, A. E., (TRANS.), & Gutterman, J., (TRANS.) (2019). Animal Dreams. Asymptote, (Spring 2019).

Henke, A. E. (2018). Review: M. Ponzi, S. Scheibenberger, D. Gentili, and E. Stimilli's (eds.) Der Kult des Kapitals. Kapitalismus und Religion bei Walter Benjamin . MLN - Modern Language Notes133(3), 795-800.

Henke, A. E. (2013). Sound and Unsound Advice: Unveiling Walter Benjamin’s Umlaut. In K. Mendicino, & B. Wasihun (Eds.), Playing False: Representations of Betrayal (pp. 229-260). (Cultural History and Literary Imagination ; Vol. 20). Peter Lang Publishing.

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