Diasporic Memories, Comparative Methodologies

Diasporic Memories, Comparative Methodologies will bring together several of the world’s leading scholars of cultural memory, along with emerging scholars and graduate students, to explore the forms and processes of remembrance of diverse diasporic groups. The two-day November 1-2, 2013 workshop will serve as the second meeting of the Network in Transnational Memory Studies (NITMES), an international project partially funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). The focus of Diasporic Memories, Comparative Methodologies will allow the general problem of memory’s transnational dynamics to be investigated in particular contexts. Paying attention to how communities have imagined, built, and maintained bonds outside the nation-state brings together a number of issues that have animated memory studies (and the humanities and social sciences more broadly) in recent years: questions of trauma and survival; identity and difference; transculturation and global flows; and the relation between settler, immigrant, diasporic, and indigenous groups. This conference, featured many leading international scholars in memory studies, including Aleida Assmann and Ann Rigney. 

Organized by Michael Rothberg

Diasporic Memories