Ethan Madarieta

 Ethan Madarieta

Contact Information

Office Hours

  • Wednesdays 2-3PM OBA

Research Interests

  • Performance, performance theory; Latin American literature, political and cultural theory; Mid-20th century South American dictatorships (Chile, Uruguay) and quotidian forms of resistance; Utopia; Memory studies; Phenomenology

Research Description

My research investigates late 20th and early 21st-Century Latin American performances during and after dictatorship as spaces where utopian motivations areperformed. These performances enact everyday utopias through the creation of physical,digital, and memorial affinitive spaces that enable re-signifying productiveinteractions and inter-relations (across time and space). Through the lenses of performance and memory studies, andtheorizations of the digital and cybernetic, this project focuses on national/transnationalworks by artists from Chile and the United States within a broader Latin American context, e.g. Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina.  Through this interdisciplinary and transnational dialogue the project offers aradical (re)vision for thinking about memory, performance, identity, and public space.