Fall 2019 Courses


ANTH 268        Images of the Other

CHLH 473        Immigration, Health & Society

CLCV 231         Development of Ancient Cities

CWL 209          Jewish American and US Minority Literatures in Dialogue

ENG 112          Literature of the Global Culture

GEOG 221       Geographies of Global Conflict

GLBL 100         Introduction to Global Studies

HEBR 201        Elementary Modern Hebrew 1

HEBR 403        Intermediate Modern Hebrew I

HIST 252          The Holocaust

HIST 262          Zionism: A Global History

HIST 269          Jewish History Since 1700

HIST 338          Egypt Since World War I

HIST 456          Twentieth-Century Germany

ITAL 156          Exploring Rome: History and Culture of the Eternal City

ITAL 250          Italian Americans and African Americans: Whiteness, Blackness and Everything In Between

JS 199              The Z-Motion-Film Sweatshop

JS 199              Independent Study

JS 212              Israeli Cinema and Television

REL 101           Bible as Literature

REL 108           Religion & Society in West I

REL 110           World Religions

REL 201           Hebrew Bible in English

REL 231           Religion and Philosophy

REL 236           Religion, Violence & America

REL 515           History of Jewish Theology

SOC 163          Social Problems

SOC 225          Race and Ethnicity

SPAN 254        Introduction to Cultural Analysis

SPAN 318        Spanish Cultural Studies

YDSH 101        Beginning Yiddish I

YDSH 220        Jewish Storytelling